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[Product features]

● Strictly made of selected high quality copper and fiber and genuine guarantee.

● Genuine Logo, quality is guaranteed – although it is a small brake pad, it is related to the safety of riding! RISK inherits the spirit of craftsmanship and uses laser technology to engrave the Logo on the back panel. This is a responsibility and a logo of quality!

●Abrasion resistant copper wire and fiber – using copper wire, the performance in the actual braking process is better than adding brass powder or iron fiber + ordinary resin to make the pads good. It has good wear resistant, fast heat dissipation and low thermal attenuation

. ● Asbestos-free formula – although asbestos has fire resistance and thermal insulation characteristic, the airborne asbestos can induce lung, thoracic, interstitial tumor, etc., so non asbestos formula is adopted to protect the health of riders.

● Quiet braking without screaming – this pads contains Kevlar fiber formula, tough, wear and high temperature resistance, do not wear pads and disc, and the bike is quiet and not screaming, the stopping is fast. Kevlar fiber, high-resistance resin and other materials were pressed at 200+℃ high temperature baking continuously for 24H caused the pads to have good heat dissipation performance, low heat attenuation, good stopping during downhill braking! Also high anti-wear resistance, make the pads last longer than other pads

! ● Full range of shrapnel/bolt accessories – the brake pad comes complete with stainless steel shrapnel spring and stainless steel clip. (Some models may or may not require spring or clip and some may require bolt). Durable stainless steel shrapnel is quick reset without rubbing the disc, strong and consistent! Smooth stainless steel clip easier to insert and also rust proof. The deformed clip will make the pad not slide smoothly. If it is deformed, please replace it.

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